So this is what Alan Turing’s statue looked for his birthday:

Alan Turing's Statue surrounded by flowers

Our rough total amount of donations came in at £720, which with £68 spent on flowers. Meaning we have raised about £650 for Special Effect, beating last year’s total by about 50%!

The flowers themselves look considerably better this year – full credit to, as it happens, my mum and dad for buying, fetching, arranging and generally sorting them.

Bunches of Flowers in the back of a car Lots of printed out name tags

Each bunch of flowers (I expect there will be more later) was pledged by one of (where a company or university is listed this should be read as staff/students/alumni/hangers-on from company or university, rather than any endorsement from the place itself – this is very definitely a grassroots thing):

  • Royal Holloway, Computer Science PhD Students
  • Royal Holloway, Information Security Group
  • School of Computer Science The University of Manchester (separate bunch) x 2
  • Cambridge University, Computer Science
  • Computer Science at Indiana University, Bloomington
  • The University of Salford Computing Society
  • School of Computing at the University of Leeds
  • Paul Heideman
  • University of Aberdeen, Computer Science
  • University of York, Computer Science
  • Heriot-Watt University, Computer Science
  • Exeter University, Computer Science
  • University of New South Wales
  • Oxford University Press
  • Someone in Liverpool, UK
  • The Yeno Family
  • Someone in Yukon, Canada
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Andy Longhurst
  • Brighton College Mathematics department
  • Elizabeth Fritsch
  • Bill Risbridger
  • Moscow High School No. 179
  • the Brin Family
  • Someone in Seattle, USA
  • Someone in Manchester
  • From someone alive because of your work
  • “With eternal thanks for helping enable us to do what we love everyday and spreading our learning to the ends of the Earth” – The team
  • Sony Evolution
  • An Admirer of Turing’s work.
  • Coventry University.
  • Bath University (very much so!)

There’s also a nice write-up with some photos here.