So this is what Alan Turing’s statue looked for his birthday:

Alan Turing's Statue surrounded by flowers

Which is pretty incredible!

Our rough total amount of donations came in at £2050.

After expenses (Flowers and PayPal Fees), the total donation to Special Effect is £1,850.14

In 2015, we raised £650, which was a major achievement at the time…

The flowers themselves look considerably better this year – full credit to, my mum and dad for buying, fetching, arranging and generally sorting them, and also to David Wayman Flowers, who provided the centrepiece.

104 in flowers

Each bunch of flowers was pledged by one of (where a company or university is listed this should be read as staff/students/alumni/hangers-on from company or university, rather than any endorsement from the place itself – this is very definitely a grassroots thing):

  • from Cambridge university
  • from bath
  • From Newcastle upon tyne
  • from west Yorkshire
  • from north Yorkshire
  • from Germany
  • from North Carolina
  • from California, USA
  • from Washington State
  • from Illinois
  • from Arkansas
  • from Alaska
  • from Superstars Cheerleading Squad
  • from Derbyshire
  • from Connecticut USA
  • from Exeter
  • from Oxford
  • from Yorkshire
  • Someone at Google Australia.
  • University of New South Wales
  • Seattle, USA
  • Heriot-Watt University
  • California, USA
  • CMU School of Computer Science
  • University of Michigan Computer Science & Engineering
  • From a member of the University of Illinois at Chicago Computer Science Department
  • Hull University
  • Indiana, USA
  • Computer Science at Harvard
  • From MIT EECS

We also had our first corporate donation. The company Lovehoney very generously held a bake sale and made a donation for a total of £1368.96.

I’ll put up the accounting post shortly so that it’s clear to everyone that all the money went to the right place) but right now I’m basking in the glow of a job well done. Really pleased that everyone came together on this one.

I’m now going to dump a heap of the wonderful photos and so on that turned up on social media over the course of the day.

Starting, of course, with this lovely video:

#alanturing #flowersforturing

— Alan Holding (@gentlemanhog) June 23, 2016

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